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Tracey Brooks, a lawyer in Albany NY, ran for US Congress in Albany in 2008. There were four major candidates in the Democratic primary. Initially Brooks was thought likely to win, as a fresh face with strong connections to Hillary Clinton. But then Paul Tonko entered the race. While Tonko was not as strong in Albany, he has a huge base of support in the western part of the district. Tonko won with landslide numbers in those four counties.

In a notable moment, the Brooks campaign team registered a number of web addresses related to candidate Phil Steck. How ironic.

Now the formerly official web address for Tracey Brooks has been acquired by Albany Lawyer Warren Redlich, himself a former candidate for Congress in Albany in 2004 and 2006, and the campaign chair for Steven Vasquez who ran for the seat on the GOP side in 2008.

While Tracey Brooks is an attorney, she is not known for any courtroom work. She might have been to a traffic court at some time in her career. She's probably read about DWI cases in the newspaper, and at some point in her campaign someone may have asked her about personal injury and tort reform. Or not.

The Wayback Machine has the following text on Ms. Brooks' campaign site homepage from back in March of 2008 (nothing more recent, at least not yet):

“In 2006, Democrats started to make the changes we need in Washington. In 2008, we can finish it. I’ll work to change the Bush Administration policies that have been so devastating to our families, our communities and our country.”

"My years of working for Senator Clinton and with Congressman McNulty, listening to people, working to solve their problems, and getting real results gives me the experience to get the job done in Congress."

Right Priorities
"As Congressman McNulty has said, wasting billions in Iraq is the wrong priority for our country. The right priority is to invest that money solving problems here at home.”

She had a priorities page and we've recreated it, sort of.

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